Marvel Champions Community Survey Results

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say thank you to those across all the various platforms that engaged with this survey. I hope that the results can help the broader Marvel Champions community continue to foster the strong, positive community that exists already.

I have attached the results along with a summary below as a .pdf so that you can share it with others at ease. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to discuss any element of it further and please look out for an update on our podcast tomorrow regarding some changes to the format based on your feedback via email so far.

Keep flipping those forms!


Published by Remedy

Remedy has over 8 years of LCG experience spent many a long night of cooperative success with friends. He hopes to share that passion for card games with others. By creating Alter-Egos he aims to produce high quality and engaging content for the broader Marvel Champions community.

2 thoughts on “Marvel Champions Community Survey Results

  1. Thanks for sharing! I found the results rather interesting to read. Glad to hear people are wanting more voices heard in a diverse way whilst maintaining a healthy and positive discourse. Thank you for putting this together.


    1. I know the sample size is rather small given the communities I was attempting to get responses from were around 5000 potential subjects large. I tried to summarise the themes and ideals raised by all respondents and am glad you found it useful. Hopefully moving forward we can see some of the data points be translated into outcomes by old and new content creators alike!


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