Odin’s Vault 002: From the Front Line

Welcome back to Odin’s Vault! Our ongoing series where we aim to deep dive into the meta and take a look at an aspect of the game up close. This week we focus on Rapid Response, a new 2 cost leadership upgrade that was recently released in the well received Black Widow Hero Pack. IntroductionContinue reading “Odin’s Vault 002: From the Front Line”

Episode 003: With Great Power Comes A Great Hero Ability

This week on Alter-Egos, Remedy and Xyceres discuss the identity abilities and their importance to the game. They discuss how these have an influence on the hero in regards to both deck building and play style. Xyceres then runs everyone through a Spider-Man protection deck and we introduce a new segment to share our loveContinue reading “Episode 003: With Great Power Comes A Great Hero Ability”

Odin’s Vault 001: Teamwork

Hello and welcome to the first of our feature articles under the banner of “Odin’s Vault”. Introduction Hero Composition out of the Box Hero Composition at the Present Conclusion This week our article is around team play and the synergies that can be developed by planning ahead with other players at the deck building stageContinue reading “Odin’s Vault 001: Teamwork”

Bonus Episode – Breaking News

A brief update regarding our channel and the direction it will be taking moving forward. Tune in next week Monday from 7am EDT for a new full episode of the podcast. Thank you to everyone for the support shown so far. Episodes are changing to a weekly format in a shorter more consistent time. WeContinue reading “Bonus Episode – Breaking News”

Marvel Champions Community Survey Results

Hello everyone! I just wanted to say thank you to those across all the various platforms that engaged with this survey. I hope that the results can help the broader Marvel Champions community continue to foster the strong, positive community that exists already. I have attached the results along with a summary below as aContinue reading “Marvel Champions Community Survey Results”