Bonus Episodes

Listen here for the most up to date collection of our bonus episodes.

Episode 4: Mystical Musings

Alter-Egos is a fan podcast for Marvel Champions. A Living Card Game (LCG) by Fantasy Flight Games. This is a bonus episode offering impressions and thoughts about the recently released Doctor Strange pack here in Australia.

Episode 3: Thunderclap!

In this brief episode we reveal a spoiler from the upcoming Hulk hero pack thanks to Evan Johnson from over at Fantasy Flight Games! 

Check out our website or Facebook for the card itself! 

Check out our previous episodes here.

Stay tuned for our regular coverage next week and our upcoming Dr. Strange Hero Pack overview in the very near future!

Episode 2: Announcing #KlawYourWayThroughMay!

A brief introduction to the content creator collaboration for the month of May this year. Enjoy content from numerous creators around the globe focused around the Villain, Klaw! You can stay up to date with the latest content around this hashtag by visiting the global Facebook group, Reddit or check out the link below. If you’d like to be involved in this initiative email us or contact one of the CC’s on the banner via Facebook or Discord. 


Episode 1: Breaking News

A brief update regarding our channel and the direction it will be taking moving forward. Tune in next week Monday from 8pm AEST for a new full episode of the podcast. Thank you to everyone for the support shown so far. Episodes are changing to a weekly format in a shorter more consistent time. We are also currently working hard to get articles up and running alongside complimentary video content in the very near future.

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